Wayne Action for Racial Equality

W.A.R.E. Annual Report 2022

A Look Back on 2022: Local Black History inAction

Annual Report: Wayne Action for RacialEquality (WARE)


The year2022 saw continued attacks on efforts to combat racial and social injustice inour nation. However, several positive signs have shown that there are plenty of clear-thinking leaders on our side. Locally, WARE again would like to applaud the members of the Sodus Board of Education for standing up for justice by unanimously approving WARE’s Anti-Racism Professional Development Workshop for another summer. In addition, local historians reached out to WARE members to help dedicate a new historical marker in Huron and a mural in South Butler. Our reputation for authentic research and a steadfast commitment to the importance of verified truth to build unity in community life is a beacon to others.


Other highlights for 2022 included our fifth annual Anti-Racism Professional Development Workshop for Wayne County teachers, essential work by WARE members to bring the county-wide Minority Community Advocacy Committee, the Newark Public Safety Board, and the Sodus Village Police Review Board to fruition to continue to improve public safety in general and safeguard the civil rights of people of color in particular. We continue to be instrumental in working on projects of the Wayne County Bicentennial (2023) Commission that tell the stories and contributions of Black and Brown people in Wayne County and, toward that end, celebrate the publication of the bicentennial book, Voice of Wayne County. Our MLK Series of 2021 has transitioned to the Black History in a Year initiative, a collaborative partners project with a small group of county experts dedicated to illuminating and spreading factual stories of the local and sometimes far-flung contributions of Black and Brown people in our area. Most recently, just prior to the 2022 elections, we gathered political candidates to the WARE Political Forum and facilitated a civil discussion of policy issues among several candidates for public office.


WARE also awarded three Tim Barber Memorial Scholarships in this its 33rdyear and we stood in solidarity with numerous regional and national organizations fighting against racial and social justice. Thanks to all of the individuals and collaborating groups throughout the county and beyond who have advanced our mission of action, advocacy and community engagement & education. To learn about important events, history, and commentary visit the WARE Facebook page atwww.facebook.com/WayneActionForRacialEquity or visit wayneaction.org/


Minister Earl Greene                                                Wilson Augustave                                

(WARE President)                                                   (WARE Vice-President)