Wayne Action for Racial Equality

A request from the Geneva Women’s Assembly to defend those who stand up for police accountability:

This is an anti-racist struggle to defend the advances we've made in Geneva in the police struggle. We have a city councilor, Laura Salamendra, who has stood up for our youth-led new law for a Police Review Board, who has argued to move funds to support people's needs instead of police, and who has become a lightning rod of antagonism by right-wing city councilors, a right-wing white supremacist group "Geneva United," and gets routinely interrupted, shut down, and harassed--the mayor, town manager, and even police who were at a meeting on June 7, stood by as an angry mob rushed Laura--and they constantly provide tacit support for the interrupting, the muttering on the sidelines, and the harassment to undermining her, and our concerned citizen, efforts. Just as we are seeing all around the country, in small towns, and big cities, moves are being made to block the modest efforts toward police reform, to drown out the voices of poor and working people, to redirect and distract, and leaders everywhere are being attacked.

Here is a link to the petition (with more background info on the website): https://genevawomensassembly.org/petition/

On June 7, 2021, the Mayor of Geneva, NY allowed pro-police demonstrators to shut down a public meeting and harass local activist and elected city council member Laura Salamendra. In Geneva, Laura has helped lead the push for police accountability as both an activist and a City Councilor by supporting the people’s demand for a Police Review Board (PRB) with teeth. This has made Laura a target of the far-right in Geneva and beyond. Across the state, region, and country, the far-right is using every tactic at hand to suppress activists and block reform. We must stop the reactionary assault on the people’s movement for justice! 

Join the Geneva Women's Assembly for a demonstration on July 7th at 6pm in Geneva to defend Laura, to defend the PRB, and to stand up against the far-right! The demonstration will be held outside the City Council meeting, which starts at 7:00. If the actions of the far-right at the June 7th meeting are any indication, the Back the Blue supporters will arrive early. We can't let them claim the space and continue their campaign of intimidation against Laura and others who support the PRB. We cannot allow the far-right to be further emboldened, to shut down another meeting, or to continue their unchecked campaign of intimidation against Laura and the people’s movement for justice. 


Please fill out this brief form to confirm your attendance at the demonstration!