Wayne Action for Racial Equality

W.A.R.E. Annual Officer Nominations

December 2022                        


Officer Nomination Form

 Wayne Action for Racial Equality (WARE), as a federal not for profit organization, is required to choose a slate of officers each year. The elected officers are acted on at the annual meeting which usually(but not always) takes place at the first monthly meeting of each year. The officers are then recorded in the annual meeting’s minutes. Since its inception in 1985, WARE has operated on the principle of participatory inclusive democratic decision making. As such, its members arrive at decisions and act on items by consensus at monthly meetings. Historically and currently, the president of the organization is the facilitator of monthly meetings but does not hold any officially sanctioned power above the other members present at meetings where decisions are made.


This form is to be used to nominate a president,*vice-president (by annual agreement can serve as president elect for the following year), secretary and treasurer. Each officer will serve for one year in office and all officers are free to serve in office for as long as they receive the consensus endorsement of members at the annual meeting. The corresponding secretary arranges for the selection and training of the Corresponding Secretary.


Nominations will be taken by the nominating committee in November and December and the committee will prepare a slate of officer candidates to be acted on by members at the annual meeting in January or such date as theWARE members choose.

*Special note: The vice-president will become the president (and monthly meeting facilitator) for the year immediately following the year that they complete as vice-president. However, the vice-president may choose to remain as vice-president and allow the president to continue as president.

Please place the person’s name who you are nominating below:

President _______________________________________________________

Role and responsibilities: Facilitate the formation of the monthly meeting agenda, facilitate the monthly meeting, act as principal contact for WARE, call special WARE meetings when necessary and maintain a record of WARE meeting minutes and agendas during the year served. Arrange for the annual meeting of WARE's and the annual officer nomination process.

Vice-president (president elect)___________________________________

Role and responsibilities: In the absence of the president; facilitate the formation of the monthly meeting agenda, facilitate the monthly meeting, act as principal contact for WARE and call special WARE meetings when necessary. Serve as president of WARE starting one year after being selected as vice-president. Manage membership growth planning and execution. Facilitate regular fundraising opportunities including annual funding plea. Coordinate all WARE's publicity including arranging for the maintenance of WARE's web page.

Secretary __________________________________________

Role and responsibilities: Take monthly meeting minutes and make a copy of the previous month's minutes for review at the next monthly meeting. Announce all WARE meetings and distribute WARE meeting minutes to all members. Send final monthly minutes each month in electronic or paper form to the president for storage. Arrange for the selection and training of the Corresponding Secretary.

Treasurer __________________________________________

Role and responsibilities: Maintain all financial records (including acknowledgement letters to contributors) for WARE, pay all WARE bills and present an annual financial report for review by WARE members at the annual meeting of WARE. Arrange for all necessary tax reporting. Arrange for acknowledgement letters.


   Submit this form to the chair of the nominating committee:

Submit this form to the chair of the 2022 WARE Officer Nominations Committee, Jim Wood (jwood6923@gmail.comor 6923 Rotterdam Rd., Sodus, NY 14551), by December 31, 2022.)